• Threatened by repossession, eviction or simply need a fast sale?
  • Need to move but cant sell?
  • Little or no equity preventing you from selling?


Quick Cash Properties with years of experience offer a totally cost free and easy way to sell your property fast. There will be no estate agents commission and no legal fees.

We are associated with a number of local Estate Agents, Lease Option Solicitors, Mortgage Brokers, Conveyancers, Property Developers (who can develop your property prior to selling at no cost to you) and Property Investors from all over the UK.

Here at Quick Cash Properties we understand how the economy has affected the housing market and the downturn in property values. Whilst for the moment we have low interest rates, with the property values as they are, often means there is little or no equity to allow you to move on. Add to that the mortgage companies not lending anywhere as much as they were prior to 2008 makes for a tough housing market to sell in.

Whatever your circumstances, we have the solution for you. We will sit down with you and provide as much help as we can to guide you so that you can make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

These days, there are many reasons why you may need to sell your property quickly, and many reasons why we can help you:

Repossession or Eviction?
If you are having financial difficulty and you are facing eviction, then call us now to find out about our custom plans. We can offer you a quick and reliable property sale, and our custom plans are unlike other cash buyers out there. We can talk you through the simple process and find the best solution to meet your current situation.

Divorce and separation are hard enough without having to worry about how to sell your property and take care of your assets. We can offer to buy your property quickly, to avoid any legal disputes and lengthy sales, so you can continue looking towards the future.

Chain Collapse
During a market sale, if a buyer breaks the chain and it has a knock on effect on everyone else in the chain, it can lead to the chain collapsing. We can resolve this issue as we do not work as part of a chain, and we can buy your property out right.

If you are feeling the pinch of the recession and debts are starting to build up, then selling your property can be a simple solution. We can guarantee a quick, cash sale, which will give you the capital that you need to clear all your debts, and allow you to be worry free, and focus on your future.

Inherited Property
Trying to manage and arrange the finances after bereavement can be a struggle for many people. We here at Sell My Houses can take care of your inherited property simply and smoothly, taking away the hassle of trying to organise a market sale. It does not matter what condition the property is, we can offer you a fair and straightforward deal, which can fit in to your desired time frame and give you peace of mind.

Job Relocation
You’ve just bee offered your dream job, the job you have been aiming for to shape your career. The last thing you need to worry about is being delayed to start your new job because you are trying to sell your property. If you are relocating and want a quick sell so you can start as soon as possible, then we may be able to help. We can buy your property outright, so you can continue to move location and up the career ladder.

Opportunity not to be missed
Waiting in a chain to buy your next family or dream home can be frustrating, especially if the chain breaks down and delays your move. We can provide you with a quick and simple solution to make your move run as smoothly as possible.

If you are moving to a different country and want the reassurance that your property will be sold before you depart, then we can help! You can arrange a speedy sale with us to suit your plans and your departure date!

Ill Health
Sometimes people need to move house due to medical reasons, such as not being able to climb the stairs or other mobility problems. We can sell your home quickly, so you can be reassured you can move to somewhere more suitable in the minimum amount of time.

Bad Investment
Many people invest in properties - whether it is your permanent home, or somewhere you want to rent out. Sometimes you realise that you have made a wrong investment and you need to sell quickly. Guess what? We can help with this too

As you can see, there are many reasons why you may want a quick move and there are many reasons why we can help you! Whatever your needs, we at Quick Cash Properties offer a discreet and ethical solution to your property sale needs.


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