"The sale was quick and smooth. We were involved in every step of the process and there was never any pressure. We also got more money than we expected so thank you."
Mrs S, Broseley


"...Quick Cash Properties have been an absolute pleasure to do business with!"
Ms C, Hollinswood


"...I knew I had to sell but didn't want the hassles of an Estate Agent. Whenever I wanted to know something their representative Andy was always ready to answer my questions. I got a first class service; in my opinion a better service than I would have got from any Estate Agents. If I hadn't used this service I don't think I would have sold the house yet and I certainly would have had to be more involved in the selling process. Quick Cash Properties has dealt with everything and given me the peace of mind I wanted."
Mr J, West Midlands


"As a single woman living in a big house on my own I was nervous about putting my property on the market and having strangers in my house. I had no experience of dealing with estate agents and had friends that had big problems when selling through an estate agent. Quick Cash Properties were a blessing. Andy came to my house and over a cup of coffee we agreed some terms. Later that day we agreed a price and within days they exchanged on my property and gave me three months to move out. I can highly recommend Quick Cash Properties to anyone looking to sell their home."
Miss W, Madeley


"We couldn't sell our house through an estate agent for the amount we needed to cover the mortgage. So we filled out the form on the website, but didn't expect anything dramatic. We had a call back the following morning offering the lease purchase option. I hadn't heard of anything like this before so did some research before we agreed anything. Andy was great throughout and didn't take any offence at me checking up on things. The contracts are very flexible and can be tailored to suit almost every need. Everything was signed within a couple of weeks and we had the option to move out whenever suited us. Overall an excellent service by all involved. Would recommend this to anybody who needs to move but can't afford to."
Mr W, Woodside


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